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Omni Prep 96

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High performance automation designed to meet the challenges of todays laboratory. A fully automated homogenization workstation, enabling true walk-away processing of your samples.

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Omni Prep 96 Automated Homogenizer Workstation

Automate your workflow today

The Prep 96 is a fully automated homogenization workstation, enabling true walk-away processing in your lab. As market consolidation continues and pressure mounts to keep costs low, it is necessary to rely on efficiency and predictability in your workflows.

You can count on us and our technology to deliver. Our automation for sample prep enables lower costs per sample, more traceability, and better reproducibility.

Walk away procesing

Save time & money working on other tasks knowing you'll get consistent and accurate samples.

High Throughput

Process up to 96 samples in a single batch, in tubes ranging from 5 - 50 mL.

GUI Workflow Software

Methods can be created and deployed in minutes through an interactive GUI for hands-free sample preparation.

Reduce Cross Contamination

A fresh tip is selected for each sample and then discarded once processing is complete, thus reducing cross contamination.

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Summary of features

The small footprint fits into most bio-safety cabinets and fume hoods. User-friendly programming makes saving, recalling, or changing existing methods easy. Omni patented Whisper Drive Technology™ with brush-less motors delivers maintenance-free, ultra-quiet, maximum processing power.

  • Automated homogenization of up to ninety-six samples
  • Process 250 μL to 40 mL in 5 to 50 mL tubes
  • Create custom sample processing methods in the Prep 96 software
  • Unique oscillating motion to ensure complete homogenization
  • Variable speed from 500 – 28,000 rpm
  • Compatible with 7 mm and 12 mm OMNI Tips™ Plastic Disposable Probes
  • Compatible with 5, 7, 10 mm Stainless Steel Generator Probes
  • Compatible with 7 and 12 mm OMNI Tip™ Hybrid Probes
Omni Prep 96 Automated Homogenizer Workstation

Reducing Labor Costs & Increasing Value

When you consider the challenges related to finding workers for physically demanding, repetitive jobs, the benefits to integrating a Prep96 Automated Homogenizer become very clear. Let's compare manual labor with automated labor.

savings iconROI CALCULATOR



savings iconSAVINGS

Number of Samples Saved each Year using Prep 96:

Labor hours gained each Year using Prep 96:

Estimated Return on Investment in Months:

Estimated Savings each Year:

(including labor, consumables and reagents)

Variables - Testing

Total Sample Tube Cost Batch Cost

Total Homogenization Probe Batch Cost

Total Reagent/Buffer Batch Cost

Total Labor Cost to Process Sample Batch

Daily Total per Sample

Daily Total per Batch


Number of samples to be repeated per Year

Annual Cost

Repeat Sample Cost

Additional Staff Cost Supporting Assay

Total Annual Cost

Labor Time Saved per Year (hours)

Labor Savings per Year

Labor Time Saved per Year on Repeats (hours)

Labor Savings per Year on Repeats

Total Labor Savings per Year (hours)

Total Labor Savings per Year ($)

Savings Difference

Total Savings per Year

Annual Cost 96

Daily Total per Sample 96

Daily Total per Batch 96

Who we are

Great science starts here: OMNI is a value-adding manufacturer of bead mill homogenizers that provide consistent, repeatable and precise results—down to the nano particle, without contamination—for high-volume sample preparation of solids for downstream analysis in labs, product development, quality control, and other testing applications – so they can purify, detect and quantify with confidence.

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